This new Facebook strategy will save your business in 2020

This new Facebook strategy will save your business in 2020

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How does Facebook Ads treat your business in 2020?

Between the dramatic price changes in CPMs… pixels randomly double firing one week and not firing at all another week… and ad accounts being banned for no good reason often by algorithm mistakes…

Running profitable ads on Facebook gets harder than ever for many business owners, marketers, and agencies.







That’s why I’m seeing a trend towards YouTube ads and other ad platforms.

Many business owners are looking for alternative ways to reach their customers.

Honestly, I can’t blame them.

I’m always looking for ways to minimize the risk on my business too — it’s the smart thing to do.

That’s why I’m doubling down my efforts on Facebook.

Yeah, that’s right.

Despite all the ups and downs lately, I decided to double down on Facebook Ads.

And this is NOT a “zag while others zig” strategy either.

It’s a decision purely based on data and real-life results that a marketing colleague of mine has shared with me.

In his early tests, my friend turned $1,151 into $7,955 in a single Facebook ad campaign (and then he scaled it further).

I’m pretty excited about these numbers and the replicable strategy behind it…

But I can’t share more right now.

All I can say is…

Watch for my next post — it’ll change the way you run Facebook Ads in 2020.



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